Diane Burkhardt     Owner/Designer



Interior Design - Residential & Commercial

         Kitchen & Bathroom  

      Space Planning

      ADA Conversion (Wheelchair Accessibility)

      Finish & Color Schemes (flooring, counters, paint)

      Lighting Design

      Furnishing Layouts


Design & Drafting (CAD)

      Small Remodels (kitchen & bathroom)

      Major Remodels: 

            (attics, additions - adjacent or 2nd level)

      New Construction: 

            (custom homes, apartments, duplexes, etc)


All construction drawing sets are designed & produced by Artisan Interior Designs.... ready for permitting, estimates and construction.

Builders and engineers are available upon request.




Making it work....


​​​CAD Design & Drawings......

​Lighting & Accessories.....

Design & Drafting

Making it work....

After 25 years as an interior designer/drafter and maintaining a passion for architecture, I offer both Interior Design services and Construction Drawings for re-construction and new construction projects.  

Over the years I have worked closely with other designers and architects in both the residential and commercial sectors and have become very well versed in architecture, along with the development & design of construction documents, codes and ADA (wheelchair accessible) design.

I invite you to explore Artisan Interior Designs website....

From projects as simple as choosing paint colors, to the design and construction of a new custom home....we are in the business of achieving your needs and reaching your dreams.

 Artisan  Interior  Designs

Artisan  Interior Designs